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Selection Method Of Deep Shaft Submersible Pump May 08, 2017

1. Primary water Pumps

According to the diameter of the well pipe, check well pump performance table primary water pumps, such as 200mm well diameter, can be selected 200QJ series of deep wells submersible pump, for easy installation, for the metal tube wells, well diameter comparable well pumps, the maximum diameter of large 50mm, for non-metallic tube wells, well bore diameter comparable wells pump max 100mm.

2. Choose pump type According to the maximum water gushing of wells

Because of the factors influencing the water inflow, it is difficult to calculate the water inrush, which depends mainly on the depth of water level during pumping. The more accurate method is to carry out pumping test, but in the planning and design stage or medium and small projects, sometimes under the conditions of the restriction is difficult to generally carry out pumping test, so without pumping test data, can use a water level landing pump test to estimate the maximum flow of water gushing wells.