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Safety Operation Rules For Electric High-pressure Pumps May 08, 2017

1. Abide by the "Motor Safety Operating Procedures" in the use of parts.

2. Before launching the application of the hand to toggle the continuous section, check the pump and motor installation is correct, there is no debris jam.

3. The following work should be done before commencement:

   3.1 Fixed a good outlet pipe, outlet before the station or placing objects.

   3.2 Water pumps should fill in the body, prohibit the idle idling.

   3.3 Shut down outlet gate valve and pressure gauge plug.

4. After starting the pump should open the pressure gauge plug, when the pressure reaches the rated value, open the vacuum table plug, and then gradually release the sluice valve.

5. The order of stopping pumps should be reversed in the above order.

6. The bearing temperature rises not exceeding 75 ℃ during the operation of the pump.

7. Long-term non-use should put water pump in water, and access to the mouth closed.