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Deep SHAFT Submersible Pump Power Supply Requirements May 08, 2017

(1) rated frequency of 50 Hz, motor end rated voltage should be guaranteed to 380+5% kv three-phase AC power supply (if necessary, can also be custom-made 60HZ,440V,660V).

(2) transformer load power should not exceed 75% of its capacity.

(3) transformer distance from wells, should consider the transmission line pressure drop, the power of more than 45KW of motors, requiring Transformers to the wellhead distance not more than 20 meters, greater than 20 meters, requirements of the transmission line specifications of the Bibi cable size two grades, and consider the pressure drop.

(4) For more than 15KW power, must support the use of self-voltage step-down start-up control cabinet or soft start control cabinet, inverter control cabinet.