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Deep Pump Installation Instructions May 08, 2017

1. First in the outlet of deep wells to install the pump pipe section, and clamp down, hanging up into the wells, so that splint is located on the well.

2. Another one-pay splint is sandwiched between the water pipes and the lifting, lowering and connecting the hose flange with the glue pad, the screw must be diagonal simultaneously, lifting chain to remove the first splint, so that the pump pipe down the splint and fall on the rig, in turn, repeated installation, down well, until all installed, put on the manhole cover, the last splint does not dismantle to put it on the manhole cover.

3. Install the bend pipe, gate valve, outlet and so on, and add corresponding glue cushion seal.

4. Cable line to be fixed in the water pipeline flange in the groove, each rope fixed well, the downhole process should be careful, not touching the cable.

5. Under the pump process if there are stuck phenomena, to think to overcome the card points, can not force the pump, lest the card die.

6. The installation is strictly prohibited under the personnel well operation.

7. Protection switches and start-up equipment should be installed in the user's distribution tray, the distribution tray has voltmeter, ammeter, indicator lights, and placed in the appropriate location in the room.

8. The use of "wire from the motor base to the pump pipe bundle" forced protection measures to prevent accidents.