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Concrete Structure Characteristics Of Impeller May 08, 2017

(1) impeller for half-open double vane impeller, better solved the blockage problem, can greatly improve the particle, fiber through the ability.

(2) The mechanical seal adopts the unique oil-immersed exterior structure, so that it is in the oil indoor running, the sealing performance is more reliable; its material adopts a new rigid corrosion resistant tungsten carbide material, long service life.

(3) between the front cover and the impeller set up a front water channel bin, just remove the front cover, can be carried out debris removal and wear-resistant plates.

(4) The groundbreaking design of rotor parts can be adjusted, and the applicability and service life of the impeller and wear-resisting plates are greatly improved.

(5) Reflux hole is the structure form of recoil type spiral circular hole, which is to take into account the efficiency of pump and cavitation performance, recommend K0=4.0~22 reflux ability, gas-liquid separation effect is good, self-priming time is short.