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Common Troubles And Overhaul Of Submersible Pumps May 08, 2017

(1) cannot start or start difficult. The reasons are: lack of phase, circuit breaker, electrical protection circuit failure, the blade is stuck, the torque is too big to start, the stator winding is damaged, or burned.

(2) No water or less water. The reason is: impeller rotation direction reversal, leaf rotation road blockage, the impeller damage serious; Low water level, the impeller submerged depth is not enough.

(3) The current increases. The reason is: impeller and shell friction or contact; Bearing lubrication is bad or damaged; there is a foreign body wrapped around the impeller.

(4) Unit vibration. The reasons are: loose fastener, bearing damage; There are foreign bodies in the runner, the positioning pin is not in place, and cavitation.

(5) The motor is flooded. The reasons are: the joint seal is not good, the mechanical seal is damaged; cable outlet is not sealed; The main cable is broken or ruptured with the control cable.

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