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Operation Technology of Deep pump May 08, 2017

1. Deep well pump should be used in the sand containing less than 0.01% clear water, the pumping station is equipped with a pre-run water tank, capacity should meet a start-up of the water.

2. Newly installed or overhauled deep wells pumps should be adjusted to the gap between the pump shell and impeller, the impeller in operation must not rub with the shell.

3. Deep pump should be operated in the shaft and bearing shell before running.

4. Before the deep pump is started, the inspection project shall meet the following requirements:

1)The base bolt is fastened;

2)The axial clearance meets the requirements, the regulating Bolt's insurance nut is fitted;

3)The packing gland has been tightened and lubricated;

4)motor bearings have been lubricated;

5)The rotor and the withdrawal mechanism are flexible and effective with the hand rotating motor.

5. Well pump must not be idle in the water, the pump primary and secondary impeller should be immersed in the water level 1m below, in operation should often observe the water level changes in wells.

6. In operation, when the foundation is found to have a large vibration around, should check the pump bearings or motor filler wear condition; when the abrasion is too much leakage, the new pieces should be replaced.

7. Has sucked, discharged the deep wells containing mud sand pumps, before stopping the pump, the application water rinse clean.

8. Before stopping the pump, should shut down the outlet valve, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, the winter stops, should put the water in the net pump.